You never know when you will need easy access to a first aid kit either off-road or on-road. Minor injuries can be made much more bearable with immediate treatment, and serious ones can have signifcnatly better long term outcomes with the right actions early.

This is comprehensive and reasonably priced kit, neatly packaged and in a compact size allowing for easy storage. It comes in a high visibility case for easy recognition. A first aid kit should be standard equipment on any 4WD. Slide it under your seat in case of an emergency.

Hopefully you’ll never need it, chances are you will!

The kit includes the following items:

  • 4pcs x Non-Woven Swabs
  • 3 Strips x Ahesive Plasters
  • 4pcs x Butterfly Band Aid
  • 1pc x Large Size Band Aid
  • 3pcs x Wet Tissue (Soap)
  • 3pcs x Wet Tissue (NaCL)
  • 1pc x Scissors 5 1/2”
  • 1 Roll x Adhesive Tape
  • 1pc x Tweezers
  • 1pc x Emergency Blanket
  • 1 Roll x Elastic Bandage
  • 1 Pair x Safety Gloves
  • 1pc x Triangular Bandage
  • 6pcs x Safety Pin
  • 1 roll – conforming bandage


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