The new Ironman 4×4 Low Water Alarm Kit is perfect for anyone doing some remote outback travelling or in fact any driving at all. This new system could be the engine saver in such a case if you damage a cooling system hose or have a coolant leak. With the ability to sense a negative current in the water of the radiator, when the water drops below the probe, an alarm and warning light are activated. This system will be activated prior to movement in your temperature gauge. This kit includes fittings for a plastic header tank and also a metal header tank.


  • Dash warning light an alarm.
  • Instant warning of loss engine  coolant.
  • To suit 12 or 24 volt systems.
  • Suits plastic or metal header  tanks.
  • Includes 2 probes.
  • Standard factory temp guages  can fail to register with no  water, which may result in  engine failure. Using the Ironman  4×4 low water alarm the buzzer  and light will come on in this  circumstance.


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