GVM Upgrades

At Mildura Off Road please allow us to show you how to customise a vehicle as individual as you are.

And the great news in addition to being the Mildura home of Ironman 4×4 products is the fact that we are also an accredited DOTARS approved GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) upgrader.

Mildura, along with the Mighty Mallee, serves as the perfect testing ground for Ironman 4×4 products, so whether you’re crossing the outback in search of adventure, loading the vehicle for work or just driving the children to school, Mildura Off Road and Ironman 4×4 can offer you quality products at a real value for money price.

Please come into our Platinum store today, conveniently located at 8 Seventh Street Mildura, and visit our interactive showroom where you will see just how many products we really do have to offer.